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JUMBO FRESH WINGS-  fried golden brown then tossed in your favorite flavor.  choose from season salt, ranch, hot, mild, tangy, BBQ, or garlic butter.
1/2  dozen                                      market price                   
Full  dozen                                     market price
Ranch or Blue cheese                  sm.  .50   Lg. .75
CHICKEN TENDERS- four tenders, juicy, deep fried and served with choice of sauce.                                       6.99
Add fries for only                                              1.79
NACHOS- a huge pile of tortilla chips, served with jalapenos and nacho cheese sauce.                                                                         3.99
NACHOS SUPREME- a pile of chips so huge that we can barely close the lid on the takeout box!  smothered in nacho cheese and our perfectly seasoned beef, then topped with tomatoes, onions, black olives & jalapenos.  served with salsa and sour cream.  it's a fiesta in a box!                                                                                    8.99
- chicken, cheese or veggie.  grilled between flour tortillas served with sides of our sour cream and salsa.                                                                                                     5.49
BRUSCHETTA-  two 12 inch bread halves topped with garlic sauce, tomatoes and Italian cheese, served with pizza sauce   5.99
our fresh dough baked with garlic and Romano cheese, served with our house marinara                                       4.99
or have them baked with our signature cheese blend                5.99
GARLIC BREAD-  garlic sauce, topped with a sprinkling of Romano cheese                                                                                  3.99

now offers traditional and chocolate CHEESECAKE!
      Creamy, rich & yummy and served ice cold.  Have it with   strawberries and whipped cream for an extra treat!  Or satisfy your  sweet tooth with our chocolate chip cookies on your next order.

                 &  SIDES
-  we roll and stuff our balls by hand then deep fry until golden brown and serve with a side of our sauce.
           3  pepperoni balls                                                                 3.25
           6  pepperoni balls                                                                 5.95

FRIES- golden brown and delicious.           
           2.25  small              add cheese or gravy  .50    or chili   1.00
           3.89  large                                                     .75                    1.50
ONION RINGS- crispy, crunchy and fried to perfection served with our onion ring sauce.                                                            4.29
BREADED MUSHROOMS- plump, juicy & delicious.     4.25
BREADED ZUCCHINI-  delicious deep fried zucchini coins, served with our yummy marinara.                                              3.99
BROCCOLI BITES- add some delicious to your nutritious.                                                                                         4.59
CHEESE STICKS- four cheese sticks fried till good & gooey and served with our own marinara.                                                    4.79
JALAPENO POPPERS- four peppers, stuffed with cream cheese  coated and fried to a golden brown and served with ranch dressing.                                                                                            3.69
DEEP FRIED or BAKED PRETZELS - four crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside pretzels.  served with our own cheesy mustard sauce.                                                                    4.39
BAKED POTATO- one BIG tater with butter, scallions and choice of one of the following... bacon, sour cream, cheese, broccoli.                                                                                              5.29
OR  get it loaded with all of the above for only                          6.29

                  AND 2 LITER BOTTLES